Reporting from s. Korea


This is a post I wrote a few days ago….writing the next one now..we

I am now sitting in the South Korea airport after a very successful 15 hour flight . The only problem we had was trying to fit my manual chair into the Isles of the plane , so I had to transfer into this tiny tiny little chair, obviously made for small Chinese people, and held up the plane for about 20 minutes. Clearly a rough start to the journey but once we got me set

tled in the seats, I  reclined al most flat and I alternated between listening to music and sleeping like a baby. I know, I cannot believe I did not watch any movies on the plane.

You know what’s even more crazy is a funny looks I’m getting in the Airport with my bright colors. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised with the first part of the journey, although we did make a ton of preparations for this trip to move smoothly.  As I sit here dictating this blog from the South Korea airport from my phone with wireless, what an amazing technological world we live in.

Okay, now for the funny part. As a quadriplegic many of us wear catheter leg bags…. Now try to picture this, since I cannot move, how I go pee in the plane when I cant get up to the bathroom… And try to be discreet about it too? Well my mother had 2 little water bottles every few hours and then put the water bottles in my fluffy socks so nobody would see that she was walking up the aisle with a bottle of urine. It was really quite a sight and quite hilarious.

Now, I realize my trip was probably more comfortable because we’re in business class, my 30th birthday present, but there’s something about Asians service would help like they are, how common dating and always smiling. Even when I was practically flat out on the aisle floor from falling off the islechair they were still smiling.

I am now waiting for my final flight to kunming where I will be received by the top surgeon of the hospital, my dad, my sister and whole bunch of other people I do not know yet.



So far, Murphy’s nowhere to be seen and he hopefully stay there.

Plane is boarding. to you in kunming


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