Serene with Morphine


(3rd Blog Post by “Bert & I” on Behalf of Hospitalized Ali)

Not unexpectedly, Ali had a tough 1st night in ICU. With anesthesia worn off and the surgery intubation tube still lodged in her throat, she was unable to communicate to her nursing team her extreme pain … and she did not sleep at all. This situation naturally frustrated  Ali and was relieved only when by dawn she thrashed about so violently that her brother Mattias and Mother were called into the ICU to get a handle on her distress.

Rounds of consultations with consulting physicians resulted in agreement to remove the intubation tube and administer morphine round-the-clock for a couple of days until her post-surgery inflammation subsides.  Wthin minutes after morphine administration, Ali’s pain and consequent emotional distress were substantially relieved.

Peaceful at Last

Resting better now…

The backdrop here is that Chinese physicians are trained to make very light use of narcotics of any type, essentially to minimize risk of masking relevant patient symptoms. But in Ali’s case, there was nothing to mask, as it is crystal clear why she is in so much pain.

By early afternoon, with her pain greatly reduced and spirits rising, chief neurosurgeon Dr. Liu decided to discharge Ali from ICU and move her back to her room on the 7th floor. He personally supervised her move, and tonight she is resting relatively comfortably in her own room at Tongren Hospital.

Back to Base

Back to base from ICU …

1...2...3...Up She Goes

1… 2… 3… All together Now! (Gurney-to-Bed transfer)

Dr. Liu Supervising

Chief Neurosurgeon Dr. Liu supervised ICU transfer

All-in-all, then, Ali has come through her complex surgery in good enough shape to have been discharged from ICU after just one day (versus 2-3 days earlier projected) and it appears she is likely to be feeling better with each passing day.

Best Friend Dr. Zhu Hui

Joking with best friend Dr. Zhu Hui…  🙂

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this incredible journey of love, fear, knowledge, bravery, risk, highly trained specialist…and care. Our prayers continue for Ali.
    Mary McCarthy

  2. Prayers from Saint Louis. Pat, Kelly and I wish Ali the best. We have been following the blog. I hope this gives her the relief she needs. Hi to the rest of the family, it has been nice to see everybody in the pics. Dan Werner

    Sent from my iPad

  3. You are so brave Ali!! Send you tons of fresh positive energy, for your recovery!
    Greetings to Bert and I and Uschi 🙂 You are a great family 🙂

  4. Fiona, Madeliene and I send all our love to you Ali. You have been very much in our thoughts. We are so sorry to hear about your difficult first night. I have been so moved by your bravery and how wonderful your family are being. We wish you a speedy recovery. xxxxx Tania

  5. Bravo for utilizing the miracles of medical science when required — via your courageous advocate-family.

    QUESTION for Ali’s support community across the globe:
    Might we find a way to donate directly online to the fantastic Kunming Tongren Hospital Neurosurgical Department? Someone might be far better at translating their website than I for I’ve not found a direct link for this purpose.

  6. You are creating such an important and meaningful story, Ali. It is a privilege to watch it unfold. None of us can understand the pain and bravery it takes to make this happen, but all of us can recognize that you are an inspiring and extraordinary star. Hang in there; you are surrounded by people who love you! 🙂

  7. sending you all love and support…and thou i have never met you, i got to meet your wonderful sister tiffany in india! hope that you make a full and speedy recovery. namaste and lots of love to you all. thompson b

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