Stepping Up Rehab


(8th Blog Post by “Bert & I” on Behalf of Hospitalized Ali)

Ali has had another good day as the pain medication protocol devised over the weekend continues to be effective.

She again worked out from her bed with the Kunming Walking Programme physical therapy team – actually twice today. During one of the these workouts, she managed to sit for 20 minutes at 90 degrees, first propped up by pillows & then just locking arms with her therapists.


Talk about room service!  (Photo by Mom)

With the post-surgery pain finally under control, Ali is bouncing back quickly.

Indeed, the major news is that Ali is pressing for discharge tomorrow or the following day so that she can continue her recovery at home. Her hope is that in her own bed she will be able sleep without the constant wake-ups that are part of hospital life all over the world.

She also hopes to start catching up on her email to respond personally to the scores of well-wishers who have written either directly or posted comments on her blog.

Apropos Ali’s re-emerging sense of humor, she wisecracks this evening that without access to her telecom assets she feels she’s back in the 1990s. Imagine that … virtually back in the Stone Age!  (Nice going Samsung!)

Back on her own turf, Ali is also looking forward to joining brother Mattias and Dad for one of those divine Padron Anniversary cigars that she so enjoys. 🙂


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  1. Such good good news. So wonderful to see a smile on her face! Prayers are being answered! Well wishes and rapid recovery Ali.

  2. Yesterday I had a short call with your mom (unfortunately a bad connection) and I am so happy, that you are feeling better. And I am so glad to read that you are looking forward to enjoy your favorite Cigarre. Sounds good.
    Happy enjoying 🙂 … and big hugs to all!!!

  3. We’re so pleased to hear you are making a good recovery, and so impressed you’re getting stuck right into rehab so soon. Good for you! Lots of love from Madeleine, Fifi and Tania xx

  4. Again, looking forward to emailing with you as soon as you are up to it. You have given me such encouragement and strength for Jim. Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Sincerely, Kassey

  5. HI Ali, it’s Charlotte, Nell’s sister. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you out in CA. Your smile looks great in the photo above and I’m happy you got your pain meds. Take care, Charlotte

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