Another pretty good day …


(7th Blog Post by “Bert & I” on Behalf of Hospitalized Ali)

Ali had another relatively good day, no doubt in part because a satisfactory pain management drug protocol has finally been worked out.

KUNMING - 1 - (3)

Able to snooze at last …

Today also marks one full week since Ali’s surgery.  Her neck brace was removed entirely this afternoon, and her surgical wound continues to heal satisfactorily.  Tomorrow she plans to attempt sitting up in bed at 90 degrees

Physical therapists from the Kunming Walking Programme visited Ali in her hospital room to commence an in-bed workout routine that includes stretches and weight lifting with her arms.

KUNMING - 1 - (2)

First work-out since surgery …   🙂

Saving the best for last, after nightfall Ali launched into a riff on life as a surgical patient here that nearly incapacitated her brother Mattias with laughter. Evidently she has lost none of her renowned wit and has remained a keen observer of her surroundings despite sleepless nights and severe pain.

Ali also regaled us with “observations” made while in morphine-induced delirium … out-of-body experiences with a horror movie twist that included doors opening from the ceiling and raining large spiders down upon her in bed. (The morphine feed-line was removed yesterday … illustration below.)

KUNMING - 1 - (5)

Who wouldn’t be hallucinating …

                                 … with this SEWN into your neck?

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