Much better by nightfall …


(6th Blog Post by “Bert & I” on Behalf of Hospitalized Ali)

Feeling better ...

Neck brace off for the first time … Ahhhh!

After a decidedly wobbly start this morning, Ali ended Day 6 post-surgery in markedly better shape.

Early in the day 800 mg of ibuprofen helped to further reduce inflammation, and by the afternoon Ali asked that morphine be reduced from 3mg/hour to 2mg/hour.

Then by nightfall, she requested that morphine be discontinued altogether!

Ali remains uncomfortable, but her pain is far less than just 24 hours ago, and she even doses intermittently.

The attending medical staff also inspected her surgical incision again today, noting good progress in healing along with an evident lack of infection. Her temperature is normal, and her breathing is stable, with continued good blood oxygen levels.

Healing well ...

Frankenstein production?   (Hair will cover!)

In fact, by late afternoon Ali was feeling well enough to welcome neighbor Sandra Lindberg’s beside visit.

Sandra's visit ...

Just open for visitors … neighbor Sandra

She also chatted, giggling, for half an hour with her nursing staff, entirely in Mandarin. These are all young Kunming women with whom Ali has developed sustaining friendships.

Mother Uschi and brother Mattias continue to keep a very close eye on all developments and assist actively whenever Ali has to be turned in her bed.

Nose Tickle

Sometimes only a nose tickle will do!

If this progress holds overnight, the last IV line will be removed tomorrow, which, in turn, opens up the prospect of taking her “home” in another 48 hours to recuperate further in her own bed.

Fingers crossed …  🙂

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  1. Yeah, Ali smiling again. I am so happy for you and your family. What a brave woman you are Ali.

    Lots of love, Tania.

  2. Looking good:) … so in awe with the entire journey that you are going through..prayers for your recovery are with you ….lol caroline

  3. Oh Ali Bali I am so pleased to hear this news. I have been going to Mass and lighting candles for u and surrounding u with white light. I am so so happy that things r looking up. U r incredibly courageous but then we have always known that haven’t we. Keep the faith…the best is yet to come. 💝

  4. This is wonderful news- we’re rooting for you! Thank you so much for the great updates, it’s compulsive reading….Barbara and Mark Noble

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